Phoebe Bridgers Contact Number, Phone Number, Contact Details, Phone Number Information, Contact Info


Phoebe Bridgers Contact Number, Phone Number, Contact Details, Phone Number Information, Contact Info







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Phoebe Bridgers


Phoebe Bridgers is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist known for her indie rock and folk-infused music. Bridgers began her music career at a young age and gained attention with her debut single "Killer" in 2015. She released her debut album, "Stranger in the Alps," in 2017.


Phoebe Bridgers won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album for "Punisher" at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards in 2021.


Phoebe Bridgers mini Bio


Born: 17 August 1994 (age 29 years)

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Partner: Bo Burnham (2022–)

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Height: 1.64 m


Phoebe Bridgers Top Songs


"Motion Sickness" (2017): This song, from her debut studio album "Stranger in the Alps," gained attention for its raw and honest lyrics.


"Smoke Signals" (2017): Another standout from "Stranger in the Alps," "Smoke Signals" showcases Phoebe Bridgers' storytelling and vocal abilities.


"Scott Street" (2017): A melancholic and reflective track from her debut album, addressing themes of change and nostalgia.


"Kyoto" (2020): This single from her second studio album, "Punisher," features a more upbeat and dynamic sound while retaining Bridgers' poignant lyricism.


"Motion Sickness" (2017): A Grammy-nominated song that captures the essence of Phoebe Bridgers' songwriting and emotional delivery.


"Garden Song" (2020): Released as a single ahead of the "Punisher" album, "Garden Song" received critical acclaim for its atmospheric production and introspective lyrics.


"I Know the End" (2020): The closing track of "Punisher," "I Know the End" is an epic and climactic song that builds to a powerful conclusion.


"Chinese Satellite" (2020): This track from "Punisher" explores themes of existentialism and the search for meaning.


"Copycat Killer" (2020): While originally an instrumental track, the "Copycat Killer" EP features orchestral versions of songs from "Punisher," including "Kyoto" and "Savior Complex."


"Would You Rather" (with Conor Oberst) (2018): A collaboration with Conor Oberst, this song is part of the Better Oblivion Community Center project.


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Phoebe Bridgers Contact Number


Phoebe Bridgers is one of the most popular most famous celebrities out there today. If you want to contact him or chat with him, you can contact him through his social media profile or his official website. You can also get in touch with his official fan club through his official fan club account, if you have any questions about him. If you want to contact Phoebe Bridgers for professional reasons, you can contact his record label or his manager, agent or direct booking talent agency.


How to contact Phoebe Bridgers?


1. Contact through Social Media


Social Media is one of the best and simple way to contact any celebrity, and you could potentially contact or interact with her through these platforms. However, keep in mind that social media account details and usage can change over time. Here are some general steps to contact Phoebe Bridgers on social media:


A. Twitter: You can try reaching out to Phoebe Bridgers on Twitter by mentioning her username in a tweet. You can send her a public message or tweet to see if she responds.


B. Facebook: Visit her official Facebook page and leave a message or comment on one of her posts. You can also try sending a direct message through Facebook Messenger if that option is available.


C. Instagram: On Instagram, you can follow Phoebe Bridgers official account and leave comments on her posts. Some artists also read and respond to direct messages on Instagram.


D. YouTube: If she has an official YouTube channel, you can leave comments on her videos or send a message via YouTube's messaging system.


E. Official Website: Check her official website for contact information or links to her social media profiles. Artists often provide a way to contact or connect with them through their websites.


Please remember to be respectful and considerate when trying to contact any public figure on social media. Also, keep in mind that she may not be able to respond to every message due to her busy schedule. Be patient and courteous in your communication. Additionally, it's a good idea to verify her current social media profiles and contact methods, as they may have changed since our last update.


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2. Contact through Record Label or Talent agency


To contact Phoebe Bridgers through her record label or talent agency, you'll typically need to follow certain steps:


Some record labels and talent agencies may provide a phone number for business inquiries. You can call this number to inquire about reaching Phoebe Bridgers for specific purposes. Some talent agency websites offer contact forms that you can fill out with your information and inquiry. These forms are often used for booking inquiries or business-related messages.


Remember to be professional, respectful, and clear in your communication when contacting her record label or talent agency. Clearly state your purpose for contact, whether it's for booking, media inquiries, collaborations, or any other specific reason. Be patient and considerate as it may take some time for a response.


Contact through agents, managers or publicists


Many artists have talent agents or managers who handle their bookings and inquiries. If you find contact information for an agent or manager, you can reach out to them regarding your specific request or inquiry.


If you are looking to invite your favourite celebrity to an event or concert or programme, then you need to contact their agents, manager, talent agency or publicist or their management team. Because of this is the most simply, best and authentic way to reach the celebrity with the quick response. This is an effective way to contact any celebrity.


How to invite Phoebe Bridgers for an event


We want to let you know that how to invite Phoebe Bridgers for your corporate event, charity show, fundraiser, private party, social media campaign, festival, tradeshow or conference, endorsement project, or as a guest for the appearance, concert, programme etc.


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Phoebe Bridgers Phone Number Information:


We have Phoebe Bridgers contact details in this article, including his contact number, postal address, and her talent agency phone number. You can meet or talk with him through phone number, manager phone number, email, social media Profile, and their official website.


Phoebe Bridgers Email ID:



Phoebe Bridgers Official Website:


Phoebe Bridgers Official Instagram Account:


Phoebe Bridgers Official Youtube Channel


Phoebe Bridgers Official Facebook Account


Phoebe Bridgers Official TikTok Account:



Phoebe Bridgers Official Twitter Account


Phoebe Bridgers Address Information:

Blue Raincoat Music

Victoria House

Unit G2

1 Leonard Circus

64 Paul Street

London EC2A 4DQ



Phoebe Bridgers Talent Agency Contact Number

Blue Raincoat Music

(Music Artists Management Company)

Phone: +44 (0)203 735 5632



Phoebe Bridgers Talent Agency Address

Blue Raincoat Music

(Music Artists Management Company)

Victoria House

Unit G2

1 Leonard Circus

64 Paul Street

London EC2A 4DQ



Phoebe Bridgers Contact Details

Pantheon Talent Group, Llc.

(Talent Agency)

Phone: +44 (0)203 735 5632



How do I contact Phoebe Bridgers?


You Can Find and get her contact number at this website. We have Si Phoebe Bridgers agent, manager and publicist and talent agency contact details, by this information you can call easily to her.


How can I book Phoebe Bridgers?


You can book her by contacting the talent agency of Phoebe Bridgers. Booking talent agency, agent or booking team will be able to provide you with availability. Also you can get the contact details for her agent in our contact Database.


How can I contact Phoebe Bridgers management?


The contact details of Phoebe Bridgers management can be find through this site. We are provides her talent agency and record label contact details.


What is the Phoebe Bridgers booking fee?


You will get complete information through by contacting the talent agency. You are informed that you would contact the Phoebe Bridgers agent to get official pricing through this site.


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